Dewey Wilkerson. Gorak along with his group of festival sideshows

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Dewey Wilkerson. Gorak along with his group of festival sideshows

Dewey Wilkerson


Birthday Celebration

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Group & Friends


  • Hal Wilkerson (grandfather)
  • Lois Wilkerson (mom)


  • Francis (oldest sibling)
  • Reese (older sibling)
  • Malcolm (older buddy)
  • Jamie (younger brother)
  • Unborn sibling


  • Chad
  • Hanson
  • Zoe Desenea
  • Egg
  • Gorak with his musical organization of carnival sideshows
  • Craig Feldspar

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Dewey Wilkerson is the tritagonist in the show. Born July 12, 1993 (depicted by Erik every Sullivan) ended up being the last and youngest son of Lois and Hal throughout earliest four months until the birth of Jamie.


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Biography [ modify | modify source ]

The peculiar child, Dewey is recognized for his wacky conduct and slightly manipulative steps (for example, Dewey frequently sticks issues into his ears) first time we come across your he’s 6 yrs old however in programs finale he’s 12, Dewey may be the ‘baby’ associated with household for the majority of regarding the show, becoming a mature buddy whenever Jamie exists inside the finale of season four. He’s more artistically inclined than their brothers, playing cello and producing opera music in subsequent periods. In the first season, he was in the first level.

Despite are the youngest associated with Wilkerson brothers in the very beginning of the collection plus distinction toward whining of their more mature brothers (especially Malcolm) Dewey comes with the worst lifetime of them. He’s experienced a life of complete neglect and deprivation from pleasure. His mothers becoming so centered on working with his damaging old brothers and participating in sexual activity bring disregarded him through the day he had been produced, creating not have also taken images of him in the infancy and childhood and never actually offering him vaccinations and generally neglect activities with your on center. His more mature brothers do nothing but make the condition tough and additionally they as well ignore your and actually and emotionally bully him at each and every feasible opportunity. Dewey sums right up their lifestyle from inside the occurrence “child: parts 1”, revealing he receives the short end of the things and contains never ever even skilled basic joy of lifestyle such as for instance a bed to himself, a hot shower and even his very own clothing. Even his birthdays are not spared through the punishment and overlook of his families as their moms and dads either entirely forget they along with his brothers beat him upon it. As a result Dewey is promoting a hatred for a lot of their loved ones, notably Reese and it is shown to grab genuine enjoyment in whatever misery they can privately bring onto them.

In previous months, while a child, Dewey was shown to need an exceptionally poor realize of reality. Often from his perspective he requires Lois and Hal for anything, during truth he or she is tossing a horrendous tantrum. He also thought figures on television had been in fact talking to him. Also their memory and fancy stray from truth therefore the current circumstances greatly.

Dewey can also be uncovered is almost because intelligent as Malcolm, however Dewey’s cleverness is tailored most towards imaginative pursuits, the highest that try music which he displayed by teaching himself to relax and play the keyboard expertly together with composing a whole opera. When he grabbed an intelligence examination, Malcolm wanted to save yourself your from becoming put in the talented lessons so done the exam in order to make Dewey search stupid. but he moved too much, and Dewey was actually added to a class for disturbed family referred to as “Buseys”. Although at first angry, Dewey discovered the Buseys are ignored from the school and got fee ones (as their appropriate teacher often slept during course). Even though blunder was actually easily found and college is ready to move your toward conventional lessons, Dewey decided not to abandon the Buseys and tossed a big temperament fit.