Confronting the ‘Sugar dad’ Stereotype: years and business Asymmetries and Risky sex conduct in metropolitan Kenya

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Confronting the ‘Sugar dad’ Stereotype: years and business Asymmetries and Risky sex conduct in metropolitan Kenya


“Sugar daddy” interaction, which you’ll find are described as big young age and financial asymmetries between business partners, are believed for significant aspect in the scatter of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. Data is recommended about sugar father partnerships—and about years and financial asymmetries better generally—to determine how popular they are and whether or not they are generally concerning harmful erectile actions.


The design composed 1,052 guys elderly 21–45 who were questioned in Kisumu, Kenya, in 2001. Data on these men and their particular 1,614 latest nonmarital collaborations are evaluated to compute the occurrance of sweets daddies and sugar father interactions, not to mention various era and financial disparities within nonmarital collaborations. Logistic regression styles were designed to assess interaction between condom make use of ultimately sexual activities and other actions old and economical asymmetry.


The hostile era difference between nonmarital sexual lovers is 5.5 many years, and 47% of males’s feminine associates happened to be teenagers. Fourteen % of collaborations required an age contrast of at least a decade, and 23per cent engaging well over the hostile amount of male-to-female content services. Boys whom stated at least one collaboration with both these attributes were thought as sugar daddies and made upward 5per cent belonging to the taste; sugars father relations accounted for 4% of relationships. Sugar father relationships together with the premier age and financial asymmetries we designed had been related to diminished odds of condom usage.


Although sugar father relations are certainly not because persistent as commonly believed, period and financial asymmetries in nonmarital partnerships tends to be fairly typical. Each one of these different asymmetries is linked to nonuse of condoms. Increasing could electricity within asymmetric sex-related dating could increase their capability to bargain safer erotic habits, instance condom make use of.

International Relatives Planning Sides, 2005, 31(1):6–14

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Significant amounts of anecdotal research implies that “sugar daddies” are standard in Sub-Saharan Africa and are helping to power the scatter of HIV. The stereotypical sugary foods father happens to be an adult men which exchanges large amounts cash or items for sexual favors from a considerably younger wife. Sugary foods dad dating include associated with both age and economical asymmetries, that happen to be believed to maximum young women’s capability to bargain less hazardous sex-related actions.

The security over sugary foods daddies has been seemed not just in the African common discourse within by scientists and medical care workers. Analysts care that sweets daddies would like completely adolescent partners with rising regularity inside notion these particular women can be improbable as afflicted with HIV. 1 wellness companies has considered these men particularly tricky and also have devoted programmatic solutions to marketing that warn ladies to “beware of sugar daddies.” 2 within the age of HIV/AIDS, sugars daddy dating currently created as an important wellness problem, usually called “the sweets daddy symptoms,” “the sugar father trap” or “the sugars dad experience,” whereby ladies, often teens, carry many threat. 3

The belief that glucose daddies are plenty of looks affordable in lots of African contexts, because societal norms usually permit (and motivate) people to engage in love-making away from matrimony together with young lovers. 4 moreover, socioeconomic facts enable guy to monopolize resources of revenues allow older men most societal and financial power than teenagers. 5 the fact sugary foods daddies practice unsafe intimate actions are supported by developing evidence that HIV infection levels happen to be larger among teenage females than among their males counterparts. For instance, exploration in Kisumu, Kenya (the website of our own analysis), found out that 27% of ladies aged 15–19 comprise infected with HIV, weighed against 5% of men because age-group. 6 years disparities in sex-related associations have-been granted as a likely answer with this differences, because charge of HIV infections in many cases are top among porno males than among male teens. 7 Although huge age and economic asymmetries between sexual lovers really exist throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, they improve the most detail any time joined in sweets dad interactions.

Despite these ostensibly rational premise about sugar daddies, there’s no experimental evidence that they are typical or they tend to participate in dangerous erectile actions. Were sweets daddies less likely to utilize condoms than many other men? Do they exercise risky behaviors in most their particular associations, such as those without age and economical asymmetries? Also, bit of may be known about the url between unprotected sex together with the different elements of sweets father connections: generation and economical asymmetries. 8 All of our analysis makes use of facts on male nonmarital sexual conduct in Kisumu to research the typical premise surrounding sugars daddies and their erotic relations. Cedar Rapids escort service The occurrance of HIV attained 26per cent in Kisumu in 1997, 9 which implies that unsafe erotic behavior is popular; for that reason, this area provides an interesting setting in which to study age and monetary asymmetries between nonmarital lovers.