51 Gay Slang Phrases You’ve Never Heard Before. Find out about attention Catalog and our authors on our about page.

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51 Gay Slang Phrases You’ve Never Heard Before. Find out about attention Catalog and our authors on our about page.

A lot of us understand typical homosexual slang like “kiki” or “trade, ” but did you ever hear of a “Lucky Pierre” a “Ring Snatcher? ” For those who haven’t, you are one — and also you don’t even comprehend.

Put together from dictionaries and glossaries featuring centuries of queer slang from around the planet, listed here are 50 unusual or out-of-use expressions that you need to agree to memory. “Over the connection to Pimpleton” we get.

1. Angel food (n. ) – homosexual pilot that is male serving in the Air Force.

2. Basket shopping (v. ) – when cruising or checking some body out, British term refers to examining the item of the affection’s personal areas through their clothes.

3. Beat (adj. ) – exceedingly wonderful or great, “fabulous. ” Tonight Example: “Did you see her at the club? That look was beat. ”

4. Bulldagger (n. ) – a woman that is masculine closely pertaining to “butch lesbian. ” Also see: “Diesel lesbian, ” term referring to queer ladies who seem like truck motorists.

5. Chapstick lesbian (n. ) – queer identified woman that is athletic and sporty. The term denotes that she’s the not the nature to put on makeup products (ala a “lipstick lesbian”) and applies to a far more normal look.

6. Chicken (n. ) – a young homosexual male searching for older males; see additionally: Chicken hawk, talking about an adult homosexual male looking more youthful lovers.

7. Cottaging (v. ) – British slang for setting up in public places restrooms.

8. Donald Duck (letter. ) – a homosexual male that is dishonorably discharged through the Navy with their sex; see additionally: “Dishonorable Discharge, ” or masturbating solamente after wanting to choose somebody up and failing.

9. Doris Day (n. ) – 90s South African slang for Gay Pride. Example: “The gays will march on Doris Day. ”

10. Eyeball queen (n. ) – individual who derives pleasure from viewing others take part in sexual intercourse.

11. Fanny bellhop (n. ) – gay male used by the hospitality industry, such as for example a concierge or a bellhop at a resort.

12. Fish and chips (n. ) – pejorative 90s British slang for the partner and kids of the married “heterosexual” lover.

13. Complete household (n. ) – term utilized to denote having one or more intimately sent disease at a time.

14. Woman scout (n. ) – military man on leave, currently looking for intercourse.

15. Grimm’s fairy (letter. ) – often used to explain an aging male that is gay comparable to “auntie”

16. Hetty (n. ) – reduced form of the expressed word“heterosexual, ” similar to “hetero” or “het. ”

17. Horatian (n. ) – from the belated nineteenth century, term utilized at Oxford amongst Lord Byron and his compatriots up to a bisexual individual; see additionally: “Gillette blade, ” discussing a bisexual female.

18. Hoyden (n. ) – slang from Britain within the century that is 16th relate to an untameable, crazy girl or perhaps a tomboy.

19. Frozen dessert (n. ) – some human body so sweet that the desire is had by you to lick them.

20. In sisters (n. ) – two effeminate homosexual males who possess a romantic but relationship that is non-sexual often close friends.

22. Iron closet (letter. ) – person in deep denial about their very own sexuality, one whom might never ever turn out.

24. Lacy (adj. ) – utilized to a really effeminate male that is homosexual.

25. Lounge lizard (n. ) – someone who frequents pubs, wanting to grab other individuals’ mates.

26. Fortunate Pierre (letter. ) – the middleman in a Eiffel Tower.

27. Skip Congeniality (letter. ) – exceedingly negative term talking about an unlikable or “bitchy” homosexual male.

28. Mom Superior (letter. ) – older and wiser homosexual male whom ‘s been around the block several times; comparable to “auntie, ” but more favorable.

29. Nine-dollar bill (n. ) – exceedingly outward homosexual, one three-times more flaming than somebody who is “queerer compared to a three-dollar bill. ”

30. On the make (adj. ) – single person entitled to dating or sex that is casual. See additionally: “In circulation. ”

31. Orphan (n. ) – anyone who has already been split up with.

32. Throughout the connection to Pimpleton (letter. ) – cumbersome term for homosexual intercourse.

33. Passion fruit (n. ) – old Hollywood term talking about a very straight-acting and usually masculine male.

34. Ring snatcher (n. ) – during intercourse, the one who carries out the role that is bottom. Additionally see: “Pratt. ”

35. Rumpy-Rumpy (n. ) – homosexual intercourse; see additionally: “Bumper to Bumper, ” referring to lesbian sex that is vaginal.

36. Sappho Daddy-o (letter. ) – gay male who enjoys the organization of lesbians, comparable to “Fruit Fly” for straight females.

37. Saturday Evening Lesbian (letter. ) – term for lesbians whom promote themselves as heterosexual on the normal weekdays and may even be into the wardrobe to buddies and co-workers.

38. Trousers (n. ) – no-longer-in-use term up to a lesbian; see additionally: “Muffer” or Fish that is“Kissing.

39. Smurf (n. ) – another term for twink, often more pejorative, since it suggests a” demeanor that is“bitchy.

40. Tinkerbelle (n. ) – queer man who enjoys being urinated upon.

41. Ursula (n. ) – queer woman who hangs down with “bears; ” also called a “Goldilocks. ”

42. Vampire (n. ) – gay males whom venture out searching for hookups late during the night.

43. Vegan (n. ) – homosexual male who can perhaps not provide oral.

44. Warm bruder (n. ) – German phrase accustomed identify a gay male; “warm” is German slang for “homosexual. ”

Note: you’ve definitely heard this one if you live in Germany. English and American German-speakers have actually a bad practice of saying “Ich bin hot” on hot times, being unsure of what they’re actually saying.

45. Wendy (n. ) – A caucasian individual.

46. Wolf (n. ) – gay male that is neither a camhub. com twink nor a bear, but falls someplace in involving the two poles; comparable to a cub.

47. Wrinkle room (n. ) – pejorative term for a club whose clients mainly contains older gays.

48. Garden boy (n. ) – gay male who enjoys sex in public areas, particularly in outdoor venues.

49. Yestergay (n. ) – former homosexual who now identifies as straight, also called “ex-gays. ”

50. Zanie (n. ) – archaic nineteenth century expression talking about a homosexual that is male

51. Zipper club (n. ) – a sex party or orgy which takes invest an area that is public just like a bathhouse or perhaps a club.

Note: Autostraddle possesses list that is great of queer expressions, a few of that have been included right here. Check always the rest out on the web web web site. Madison Moore comes with a listing explaining best wishes homosexual slang that is black.

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